Why use only NWFA certified installers?

Kentucky Hardwood Flooring, Inc believes your home represents your single largest investment. Whether you've been there for decades, weeks, or you are in the process of building a new home, the money you spend should provide a source of pride for a lifetime. Wood floors can be an important part of the value of your home. We can help you choose a product that is best for your space and provide professional installation by the only NWFA certified installer in Louisville. Why use a certified installer? Eric has proven his knowledge and skills to do the job right. According to a national survey of more than 1,000 United States homeowners on behalf of the NWFA, two-thirds of homeowners say they would choose wood floors for their dream home. Nearly 80 percent of homeowners believe wood floors add the most value to a home. And, the life span of a wood floor can exceed 100 years, making it a tremendous value.

Kentucky Harwood Flooring is partnering with the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) to tell homeowners about the characteristics and benefits of real wood floors. The industrywide “Real Wood. Real Life.” campaign provides information on how to choose the right floor, select a professional for the job, and conduct proper maintenance.

To help homeowners identify the real thing, the NWFA recently developed a formal definition of wood flooring and corresponding “NWFA Real Wood” logo for its members to use with real wood products. The definition states that wood flooring is any flooring product that contains real wood as the top-most, wearable surface of the floor. That includes solid and engineered wood flooring, as well as composite engineered wood flooring, which has real wood on the wearable surface.

Only real wood is durable, attractive, easy to clean, and crafted to stand up to all phases of life. Wood floors offer endless design possibilities to fit one’s personal style and are easy to transform later on with a sand and refinish process. Caring for wood floors is as simple as regularly sweeping, dust mopping, or vacuuming on the bare floor setting.

For tips on choosing and maintaining wood floors see the Homeowner’s Handbook to Real Wood Floors.


Home is where real life happens. From the day you move in you need a real surface that can handle your family’s big and small moments. Find out why wood floors can help protect your health and is the only flooring that can truly last for the life of your home.


Each stage of life brings new challenges and unavoidable messes. All you need is to follow a simple cleaning and maintenance routine. Learn how you can protect your investment and keep your floors looking great for years to come.


Wood floors add natural beauty and timeless style to any decor. Whether your home design  is traditional or contemporary, brand new or centuries old, wood floors offer endless design possibilities and make it easy to fit your home’s needs and highlight your personal style.